Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Special guest interview with YA novelist Laura DeBruce

I have a special guest interview today with young adult thriller author Laura DeBruce. She’s touring her novel The Riddle of Prague.

During her tour, Laura will choose one randomly chosen commenter to receive  a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card. To be entered for a chance to win, use the form below. To increase your chances of winning, feel free to visit other tour stops and leave comments there, too.

When 18-year-old Hana Silna travels to Prague to reclaim her family’s home, she discovers a riddle that may lead to a long-last flask.

The contents of that flask could change the fate of the world. When a ruthless enemy kidnaps her family Hana has to find the flask to rescue them. On her quest she meets a mysterious man with a penchant for poetry, a Gypsy girl with a haunting past, and Alex, an all-American boy who’s trying to save his sister from a crippling disease. It’s hard to trust anyone when the stakes are this high — especially when surrounded by experts in deception.

There’s only one flask, and Hana desperately needs to find it.

“Are you from Prague?” I ask.

“I s’pose you could say that.” There’s a playful look on his face.

“Would you say that?”

Before he answers, the plane swoops to the side, and I clench my fists. David glances toward the seated flight attendants. He pulls a green bottle and two plastic cups out of his bag. “D’you like Becherovka?”

“Is it alcohol?” Immediately I regret the question. Of course it’s alcohol.

“It’s medicinal,” he claims. “A unique Bohemian spirit. Czechs keep some in the medicine cabinet and give it to their children for all sorts of reasons.”

“I didn’t think we were allowed to bring alcohol on the plane.”

“We are if no one sees us.” David tips the bottle to pour. “I take it you’re not much of a rule breaker.”

“It depends on the rule,” I reply curtly.

“I take full responsibility if we get caught.” He hands over a cup filled with thick, golden liquid. “Na zdravi!”

I take a tentative sip. The Becherovka tastes like a mix of spices and juniper. “It’s not bad.” I drink a little more.

“Glad you like it.” David tops up my cup. “I’m sure Simona and Michal keep a bottle at The Rockery, like all good Czechs. Peek in the medicine cabinet—you’ll see I’m right.” He’s very friendly. A sudden yawn escapes me. “Hana? You all right?”

“I’m suddenly really tired.” I stretch a bit.

“Close your eyes then,” David says soothingly. As I lean against the seatback, I wonder: Did I mention Simona’s husband? How did David know his name? Before I can ask, my eyelids drop, and I’m pulled into a deep and sudden sleep.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Stracciatella gelato which is really just very delicious chocolate chip ice cream.

Which mythological creature are you most like?
Maybe the unicorn. We moved around so much when I was growing up. I always had to say goodbye to my friends. Always the new girl. Do you remember the song about the unicorn left behind because there was only one of them? “And the loneliest of all was the unicorn…” Actually, I just looked up the lyrics and it was “the loveliest” of all, but still, the unicorn had to stand and watch as the boat with everyone else floated away.

What are four things you can’t live without?
Four things I can’t live without would be my family, my friends, my animals and, of course, books!

What is your favorite television show?
Growing up it was Star Trek. I had a crush on Mr. Spock. For a long time I didn’t watch much television because we lived in countries where the only channels were in a foreign language. Now my favorite shows include Thirty Rock (I love Tina Fey), The Office, Breaking Bad, Survivor and The Walking Dead except it scares me and sometimes I have to cover my eyes.

What song would you choose for Karaoke?
The last time I was at a Karaoke club (the first time ever) some friends and I got up and sang “I Will Survive.” It did not go so well.

Author bio and links:
Laura DeBruce is a documentary filmmaker and writer. She grew up traveling all over the world thanks to her father’s work with the U.S. Embassy. She and her husband spent twelve years living in Europe including Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, and London where she found inspiration to write The Quicksilver Legacy Series. In Prague she worked as a lawyer for the first private nationwide television station in the former Communist bloc. It was there that she fell in love with the ancient city of Prague and its legends.

She lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband and son and an unruly Golden Retriever.


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For years I was afraid to eat stracciatella ice cream, because I thought it was based on the Italian chicken soup!


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