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Excerpt for Last Keeper's Daughter by Rebecca Trogner

This is a virtual excerpt tour stop for the paranormal romance/mystery novel, Last Keeper's Daughter by Rebecca Trogner. The book is available now from Crescent Moon Press.

Rebecca will be awarding a $50 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. To be entered to win, leave a comment below. And to increase your chances of winning, visit other tour stops and leave comments there.

Born into old money, Lily Ayres lives at Waverly, her family’s estate situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Paris, Virginia. She is a strange, small, almost mute, young woman who has no idea that her father has given her to the Vampire King Krieger. Walter Ayres is the King’s Keeper and part of a secret society of historians who unearth, preserve, and attempt to understand relics of long forgotten civilizations.

Lily has never felt comfortable in the human world, but after she suspiciously falls down a flight of stone steps, and is healed and claimed by Krieger, she realizes there is another world. In this Other Realm she feels a sense of belonging, and begins to untwine the mysterious event which left her mentally and psychologically damaged. When Walter disappears in England, Lily works with human and supernatural beings to uncover his whereabouts. With each new discovery, she is pulled deeper into the vortex of magic, intrigue, and dark desires that permeates the supernatural world. The revelations revealed unfold a story of deception and betrayal that threaten to tear the thin veil between the supernatural and human world asunder.

Krieger’s first memory was of dragging a sword too large for him to carry. He’d grown into a man fighting the Romans. His combined experiences had hardened him mentally and physically into the man he was today. That man was ill equipped to be a nursemaid to a broken and frail woman. In battle, he’d carried injured men over his shoulder, while still hacking and fighting. Now, he awkwardly held Lily out from his body, trying not to injure her further as they maneuvered through the access tunnel. Merlin hastily closed the hidden passageway door behind them, concealing the entrance inside the conservatory to the outside world.

Walter’s underground study was exactly the same as last time, and the time before that. Liam stood guard outside the study door. Merlin stepped inside the room and glared at the fireplace, and flames obediently leapt up, crackling the wood and casting shadows about the room.

Krieger ever so gently laid Lily down on the blanket hastily spread out over the old sofa. Her shoulder blade, already compromised, had broken through the skin, and the jagged bone glistened in the firelight. The scent of her blood filled his mind with dark and carnal images. He was vampire and she was bleeding. The bouquet of her blood clung to his nostrils, luring him in with sweet promise. Imprisoned fangs pressed against sore gums, his jaw muscles clenched, but he refused to succumb to the call of her blood. Instead, he spread his large hand over her lower belly, fascinated by someone so small that his hand width was wider than her hip bones.

Author Bio and Links:
Rebecca Trogner lives in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, and frequently crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains that were the inspiration for Krieger’s home. She always dreamed of being a writer, but got sidetracked by the day-to-day adventures of life. With the encouragement of her family, she has finished her first novel and is currently writing the next book in The Last Keeper’s Daughter series. Rebecca lives with her husband and stepson, and a rescue dog named Giblet. To find out more about the author visit

Find Rebecca here: Goodreads | Twitter | Website | Blog 

Book blast tour stop for Burn on the Western Slope by Angela Smith

This is a virtual book blast for the contemporary romantic suspense novel, Burn on the Western Slope by Angela Smith. The novel is now available from Crimson Romance.

Angela will be awarding one of three prizes: a car mirror hanger or key chain (a seashell as a tie-in to her book), an mp3 album by Pretty Little Blisters, a $10 Amazon gift card, to three randomly drawn commenters during the tour. If you'd like to be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment below. And to increase your chances of winning, visit other tour stops and comment there, too.  

On the ski slopes of Montana, deception turns deadly and seduction becomes more hypnotic than jewels.

Reagan McKinney is on a mission to discover more about a deceased uncle who mysteriously left her a sizable inheritance, a condo in the mountains, and a stash of stolen jewels. With both her graphic design career and her love life in shambles, the opportunity to begin a new life couldn’t have come at a better time. When she becomes involved with the sexy FBI agent next door, she finds her struggle is not only to keep her heart intact, but her life.

Grief stricken after an undercover investigation ends in the tragic death of his partner, FBI Agent Garret Chambers goes home to find solace in the arms of his mountain home. That is, until his boss assigns him to investigate the spirited brunette staying in the condo next door. He is assigned to investigate Reagan’s involvement with a large jewel fencing organization, but his investigation becomes comprised when his attraction to her heats up. Will his discovery destroy everything he has come to love, including Reagan?

“I’m not sure I’m ready for that,” Reagan said, running her tongue over her lips as she rested her glass on the counter. “Skiing, that is,” she quickly added. He would never know she’d been thinking of kissing him, but she had to force herself to look away from his mouth. Nudging Naomi, she stood. “It’s time for me to go. I need to settle in. I haven’t even unpacked yet.” And she had no intention of doing so now, but it was a good excuse to leave. She wiped her hands on her jeans before extending her hand to his, praying hers weren’t clammy. “It was great to meet you.”

Garret grasped her proffered hand and nested his other on top, engulfing her hand. She burned. Everywhere. “Meet me on the slopes tomorrow?”

Reagan bit her lip and glanced at the floor. “Tomorrow? I don’t know. I might need a little more time to get used to this place.”

“We’ll start with sledding. You can’t not like sledding.”

She didn’t know, seeing as how she’d never done it, but cozying up to him at a hundred miles an hour would probably be amazing.

“I’m safe,” Garret said as he dropped his hand.

“You’re what?” she asked, meeting his eyes. Maybe he was a good guy in most people’s standards, but he made her heart beat too fast to be anything but dangerous.

“I’m harmless. Several people in town will vouch for me.”

“But I don’t know them either.”

Author Bio and Links:
During my senior year in high school, I was dubbed most likely to write a novel because I always had my nose stuck in a book. I would hide my romance novels under my history book until my teacher called me out on it. Writing has been my dream ever since my mother read Brer Rabbit to my sister and me so often that we were able to recite it back to each other before actually learning to read. I love reading about the adventure of love, and getting involved in the legal field developed my love of suspense. I believe love is a mystery that most people have trouble resolving. While I don’t expect we’ll ever solve that mystery, I love to read and write about characters who work to solve their love’s mystery. See more about me at my website or tweet me @angelaswriter.

Publisher Website:

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Introduction to contemp romance novelist Angelina Rose

Today is a short intro to the contemporary romance novel The Eyes of Love by Angelina Rose.

As part of her tour, Angelina will be giving away a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card to a lucky commentor. To be entered for a chance to win, use the form below. To increase your chances of winning, visit other tour stops and enter there, too. 

After a tragic loss five years ago, Sally Overby becomes an Attorney in Atlanta. She convinces herself that all she'll ever need again is her young son, David, and her life as an attorney. Until one day, Colin Dean barges back into her life and promptly blows her safe world apart, driving her crazy as only a guy she'd had a "school girl crush" on can.

Sally is wary to love deeply. Only, with every loving look Colin gives her plus every sweet kiss, as the attraction between them sparks, she can’t help but wonder if she’s met the one she should be with. And although Colin didn’t realize his life was going to change so quickly, amazingly, he isn’t the least bit interested in fighting that change. Instead, he’s gearing up for a different fight altogether. The one for Sally’s heart.

Will Colin be able to convince her that's it safe to love him... and that forever isn't really out of reach?

The Eyes of Love is a novella… so you can enjoy it in just one day!

Excerpt from The Eyes of Love:
A hush fell over the room for a moment as Stephanie appeared with Jazz trailing behind her. She was wearing a skin tight black dress with stiletto heels which was typical Stephanie fashion. She wanted nothing more than to be the center of attention like she always had been.

Without missing a beat, Stephanie walked straight over to Colin. Sally was shocked.

"Hello, Colin..." she purred as she ignored Sally completely. "You look sexy tonight, as always." She smiled seductively as Colin looked away. "Who's your friend?"

"None of your business, Steph. Leave me alone."

"Oohhh.... Did I touch a nerve, sweetie?" she asked as she reached out to touch his chest.

"Don't touch me, Stephanie. I'm warning you. Why don't you go back to Jazz?"

"Oh. Jazz. Boring..." she sang. "We're not together anymore, just so you know..." she whispered in a husky voice. Colin held onto Sally's hand for dear life. She had to do something.

"Stephanie, don't you remember me?" she asked grinning from ear to ear as she slid into Colin's side. He put his arm around her and stared down in shock at what she was about to say.

"I don't know you," Stephanie said looking her up and down.

"Wow. Age is really doing a number on your brain," Sally said.

"Who are you?" Stephanie snapped. Jazz stood a few feet back obviously trying to hear the conversation.

"I'm your worst nightmare," Sally growled as she came almost nose to nose with Stephanie, her attorney public speaking skills getting ready to display themselves. She pulled the name tag from her purse without breaking eye contact and held it up. "You see, I'm the nerd that you and your cronies bullied through high school."

Author information:
Angelina Rose has wanted to write ever since she could hold a pencil. The first daughter of immigrant parents, Angelina had her head buried in books, lost in a world of heroes, heroines and exotic places.

It was a shocking experience that jump-started Angelina's author career.

"I awoke in the ICU... I had been unconscious for several days," Angelina says.

In 2010, Angelina had a long stint in hospital following her involvement in a motor vehicle accident: the longest time off work (as a Registered Nurse), she'd ever had in her life!

It was then she took up pen and paper and started to write again, just as she had done when she was a child. She wrote four short fiction stories for young adults, entered them in several competitions, and managed to win three first prizes!

After happily dipping her toes into writing those short fiction stories for young adults, Angelina has now authored four books in a new "Mill Creek Crossing Romance" series... contemporary romance intended for adults.

The "Starting Over Series" is another contemporary romance series she wrote about a subject she knows well... nurses and their love life. At a recent reunion of her graduating class, she could not help but notice how the same girls would group together and laugh, chat, and even shed some tears over their lives since graduating. Many of the girls had divorced... so Angelina thought "what if a group of the nurses came up with a plan to meet in two years and have a new love story to share?" Then the first story in the series was born.

There is always a story running around in her head. A man with thick dark hair, gray-blue eyes, with an engaging smile and a quick wit... or a girl crying over a broken relationship. She finds herself talking to these characters during her day: when she's doing dishes, or bathing babies at the hospital. These characters crop up on days at the beach or on walks through the neighborhood. This is how the stories start to grow.

Angelina's mother was an author, so Angelina grew up with a love of words and stories. If she wasn't writing a short story about something that took her fancy, her head was buried in books... reading, reading, reading, as her brother constantly told her...

When she's not spending time with her goodlooking man, or quality time with her laptop, she's working at the hospital, hanging out with her family and friends, or walking her two dogs around the neighborhood. Angelina spends as much time as she can traveling, then coming home and including some of those adventures in her stories.

Angelina really loves to hear from her readers and she invites you to connect with her on Facebook as she interacts daily with her readers there!

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Interview with historical romance author DL Larson

Today I have an interview with historical romance author DL Larson as she tours her novel Promises My Love.
As part of her tour, DL will be awarding a copy of one of her previously published books, hardback (US only) or e-book format, to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour. To be entered to win, leave a comment below. To increase your chances of winning, visit other tour stops and leave comments there, too.

DL Larson always thought she’d be a city girl, but instead, she has spent the last 40 years surrounded by corn fields. She lives in northern Illinois and enjoys the outdoors, especially gardening, and hanging out with her family that continues to grow.

Reading is a big part of DL’s life, both professionally as a writer and as a Children’s Librarian. She likes being in the know, seeing firsthand what folks like to read. Going back to school as an adult rejuvenated her desire to become a novelist. The writing awards she received lifted her up and reinforced her drive to tell the best story she could. Her second novel, Promises To Keep was a 2008 Reader’s Choice Recipient.

DL is a WindyCity member of RWA. She blogs each Thursday at
Visit DL Larson at
DL's books are also available on
Email DL through Facebook at:

Welcome, DL. Please tell us about your current release.
Promises My Love is a love story and family saga, set in 1840s Kentucky. Francis Frailey's tortured past leaves him not knowing how to love his young family. His past rears its ugly head and he no longer worries over his family as he aches for revenge. It takes his wife Christine, his brother-in-law Joe and his father to help him see he can have a future full of love and hope if he will only let go of his past.

What inspired you to write this book?
When I worked at Northern Illinois University in the Dept. of Children and Family Services, we sponsored educational classes and symposiums for professionals in the DCFS field. I was writing my historical series at the time. One of my characters was not very forthcoming and I wrote around him for quite awhile. As time went on, I listened to the many professionals talk of family abuse at these classes, and I realized my character, Francis Frailey, was an abused child. It was the key I'd needed to understand him and from there he has not stopped talking to me.

A thousand images raced through his mind, all too many of his uncle. Then those of his wife, hurt because of him when he’d lost control several years ago. His own senseless cruelty had harmed the one person he adored. And now, just two days past, his temper had lashed out again and Christine had been the one to pay for his lack of restraint. Self-hate filled his aching lungs as his fists clinched with the need to hurt himself for such a despicable crime.
"Son?" Jonathon’s voice cracked with concern.
His father’s words drew him to the present misery and he shivered. “Don't call me that," he croaked as weariness washed over him.
"You're my son. I've always been proud to call you my son."
Francis swished a hand through his hair. "That doesn't matter."
"Of course it matters. Just as it matters that you want your uncle to rot in hell. Why?"
"It's not important any more," Francis muttered before he gave his father his back.
"The hell you say," Jonathon said. "If it's not important, then tell me."
Francis walked to the door that would let him escape his uncle’s stench.
"Don't run away again. Damn it, Francis, talk to me."
He paused at the threshold. "I've nothing to say."
"How's my grandson?" Heavy-lidded eyes flooded with a need to hear about family.
"Fine." He shrugged.
"The baby?" Misery mingled with hope settled on the old man’s face.
Francis nodded, barely. It was all he could do.
"And that lovely little wife of yours, how's she?" Jonathon inquired softly.
The words were too much. Francis slipped out the door without saying anything about Christine. He made it down the long dimly lit hall, fell on the bed where he and Christine had stayed the one and only time they had visited. Only one small lamp on the mirrored bureau kept the room from being closed in by the dark of night. He hoped oblivion would come as he stared at the ceiling. It was a useless thought, sleep was impossible as long as Edwin remained in the house. Bile burned his throat. His collar restricted his muscles as he gagged. Yet he refused to throw up his fear. The bastard wasn't going to win, but he always did, and the sour contents of his stomach rolled back up. Francis stumbled to the chamber pot he’d set by the open window.
Too many hours had been spent hanging over a bucket. Too many days were lost to useless fear he couldn’t shrug away. His past life mocked him, made him shake as if he was once more a little boy locked away and the only way out was through the arms of a demented uncle. Sweat soaked his shirt as he slumped against the wall, the cold plaster a balm against his back. The inside of his eyelids danced a collage of swirling colors, blocking out the images of his past. The dampness of his shirt stuck to his ribs as he forced air from his lungs.
His muscles tightened stiff as death. Someone stood watching, the feeling grew all too familiar. He'd kill the sonofabitch. His eyes opened, and his father stared back at him from the open doorway. The light in the hallway behind him cast black shadows across the dim floor.
Jonathon hobbled in and settled on the edge of a chest at the foot of the bed. His hands clasped the tip of his cane as pity twisted his wrinkles. "You're drenched in sweat," he rasped. Apprehension filled his father’s eyes as they assessed him sitting in a heap on the floor.
"Fear," Francis corrected quietly. The pain behind his eyes flashed bright, worse than lightening on a dark night. It left him breathless and nearly blind in the faint light.
"You've surely faced death before," Jonathon decided with his simple logic.
“Prayed for it even," he croaked which brought a perplexed look to his father's face.
"You wished yourself dead?" The feeble voice rose in concern.
"On occasion." His eyes came up enough to see Jonathon rock with anxiety.
"But why? For God's sake, why?" Jonathon shook his head. "You have a lovely family, a wife who adores you." Francis sneered and his father leaned closer. "She does love you, I can tell from your letters."
"When she's not afraid of me," he mumbled.
"Afraid of you? Why would she be afraid of you?" Uncertainty mixed with hesitancy filled Jonathon’s voice.
"The usual reasons," he said. Disbelief crept across his father’s face. "Don't believe me? Ask Edwin about my temper when and if he ever wakes up." His forehead throbbed and he massaged it, hoping to ease the pounding in his head. "He could tell you a thing or two about that."
"I want to hear it from you."
Francis clamored to his feet, feeling awkward at his father’s staring. Restless hands moved through his hair as he dismissed the fact Jonathon wanted to converse with him. An apologetic forlornness creased his features before he left the room.
Jonathon followed him back to Edwin's death bed.
"Rot in hell, you bastard," Francis hissed again and stumbled away.

What exciting story are you working on next?
I'm working on book three of my werewolf series - where the werewolf and his soldiers are in league with the Almighty. Their job, their mission and way of life is to cleanse the universe of evilness. While on Earth they suffer from memory loss, which is no big deal since they rely on instinct to solve any problems that come up. Except when a human reporter figures out Wade Axelman, the protector to the werewolf prince, is an alien. Fun and absurdity ensues with a good dose of excitement, evil fighting and romance that is not supposed to happen. The first book is called: The Warrior Priest, The Werewolf Prince and The Trials of the Black Universe. (as you probably guessed it's a three part book!)

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
My first inkling was in fourth grade when my teacher, Mrs. Wheeler, had a reading chart for us. It was her way to encourage reading and although I was quite a tomboy, I enjoyed reading. For every review we wrote on the books we read, we received a star on the reading chart. It didn't take long to realize I was a fast reader and had more stars than anyone else.
Then in fifth grade, Mrs. Mattan, also did a reading chart and I excelled as before, but what I didn't realize, but she did, was I critiqued the books instead of writing what happened. I remember once writing how I didn't think the ending was very good and told how I thought the story would improve if rewritten to include my ideas. She wrote back, 'someday maybe you will write your own stories.'

It took another twenty years for me to get started on that!

Do you write full-time? If so, what's your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?
I used to write every morning, but my schedule no longer allows me to do that. Or I've just gotten lazy and prefer to sleep in before I leave for work. I write in chunks mostly. I'm a goal setter, write in scenes sequence and when that is finished, even roughly, I feel I've reached my goal. Then I move on, setting another goal. I do the same thing when I edit.

As for finding time to write - it has become harder over time because my family has grown and free time never stops to visit me anymore. I steal time now. I'm stealing time right now. I need to have lunch, run at least a few of the dozen errands I have. I have two meetings tonight to prepare for, but wanted to finish this, so I'm stealing time I allotted for something else. I've become a pretty nifty thief. Readers beware!

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I write free hand for the first draft. That's not so unusual, but I need 6 sharpened #2 pencils, and prefer yellow notepad paper, but will settle for white. I become distracted when my last pencil grows dull. Mostly I hate the dent it puts in my finger, but if I write on the computer, I sound like a secretary taking notes, which is exactly what I was for years, so I stick to my pencils the first time around.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Not what, but who - Lois Lane, of course. I believe it was my two worlds colliding even then. I wanted to write, but not about ordinary things. I believe my werewolf series came from my Lois Lane fetish. And I just couldn't give up on my character Francis until I figured out his secret.

Anything additional you want to share with the readers?
Stop by and visit me. Don't be afraid to write what is on your soul. I never dreamed I would write about child abuse - I had a pretty ordinary upbringing, but long ago I asked God to give me a story with grit. So be careful what you ask for!

Thanks so much for having me as a guest blogger.

My pleasure, DL. Readers, don't forget about the giveaways! Leave a comment if you'd like a chance to win.

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Live chat/interview with women's fiction author J.M. Kelley - July 28, 7-9PM EST

The Writer's Chatroom presents romance and women's fiction author J.M. Kelley.

Here's an interview with J.M. about her novel Daddy's Girl.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eastern USA Time.....7-9 PM

Not sure what time that is wherever in the world you are?

The Writers Chatroom at:

Scroll down to the Java box. It may take a moment to load. Type in the name you wish to be known by, and click Sign In. No password needed.

Please note: The chatroom is only open for regularly scheduled chats.

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Spotlight on YA mystery Ice Rose by Alison Neuman

Genre: Young Adult/Mystery/Romance
Publisher: Fireside Publications
Release Date: September 15, 2010

About The Book:

Ice Rose
 — A teenager’s world is turned upside down when an explosion steals her dad and her identity. Entering an exclusive academy that immerses her in the world of secret agents, she must overcome her fears and disabilities to discover the truth about her dad’s mission, his software, and the mystery man stalking her before she ends up like her father — lost.

Alison Neuman lives in Alberta, Canada, where she is a freelance writer and lyricist. Nearing the end of her studies for the Bachelor of Applied Communications Degree program at Grant MacEwan College, she was inspired to complete the first draft of  Ice Rose. The pace of secret agent books and movies gave her an unlimited playground for  imagination. Music and performing are passions she was able to bring into her writing and build into her characters.

Alison’s writing has appeared in “MacEwan Today”, “Westword”, and the “Edmonton Journal” along with three tracks on the CD release Outside The Window. Co-writing the screenplay adaptation of the book Whale Songwith author Cheryl Kaye Tardif exposed her to the world of screenwriting, which she hopes to continue to examine further in the future. Alison also has been writing shorter pieces of non-fiction, one entitled Establishing Roots, that earned a top ten ranking in the Edmonton Stories contest. This past spring she was a winner in The Expressions of Hunger Contest in the Emotional Poetry category. Her piece Undeniable Craving was on display in June and July in various artistic locations across the city of Edmonton.  She has completed a final edit of her memoir “Searching For Normal” and is currently writing her next young adult manuscript.

When not writing creatively, Alison  is editing or writing for her business, Sandy Tree Communications.

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Book blurb blitz stop for A Deadly Truth by Joyce Proell

Reviews and Interviews is a virtual blurb blitz tour stop for A Deadly Truth, by Joyce Proell today. The novel is a historical romantic suspense from Champagne Books.

Joyce will be awarding a $10 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. So for a chance to win, leave a comment below. And to increase your changes, visit other tour stops and leave comments there. 

Tainted in the eyes of Victorian society by his wife’s suicide, Doyle Flanagan turns a deaf ear to the baseless gossip and harsh rebukes. Ignoring his shattered reputation, he goes about his business, making money and enemies, and doing good works whenever his conscience gets the best of him. Arrested for murder, he is forced to rely on a feisty school administrator to solve the puzzle. As he struggles to prove his innocence, he realizes gaining the trust and loyalty of Cady Delafield may be more important than his freedom.

On a quest to locate a missing student, school matron Cady Delafield enters a stranger’s house and discovers the woman murdered. Driven to see the murderer brought to justice, she is determined to prevent any further tragedy even if it means joining forces with the very man accused of the atrocity. Against the wishes of her powerful family, she risks her job and reputation to learn the truth. But will the truth, once revealed, drive her away from the man she has come to love?

Passion and murder collide in 1880’s Chicago as they race to keep one step ahead of the police who want Doyle to pay for his crime. As the attraction between Cady and Doyle sizzles, they battle suspicions, lies and lethal actions to uncover the murderer before he destroys them both.

Author information:
Joyce Proell grew up in Minnesota and attended college and grad school in Chicago. After working in mental health, she retired at a young age to write full-time. Her first book, Eliza, was published in 2012.  When she isn’t writing mysteries or historical romances, she loves to travel, walk, read, and do crossword puzzles. She and her husband make their home in rural Minnesota in her very own little house on the prairie.

Visit her website or Facebook page. 
Buy links:

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Interview with paranormal romance author Loni Lynne

Loni Lynne is here today to share a bit about her paranormal ghost romance novel, Wanted: One Ghost and her writing life.

Loni will be awarding a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card (winner’s choice) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment below, and to increase your chances of winning, feel free to visit other tour stops and leave comments there, too.

Loni Lynne is a stay-at-home mom, domestic goddess, U.S. Navy Veteran, and lover of all things vintage/shabby-chic/Victorian and antique. From china cups and tea sets to lace doilies crocheted by hand (her grandmother made the best) she believes a touch of femininity never goes out of style.

Growing up all over the country she's been blessed with experiencing a good deal of culture and lifestyles. Much like her personality, she has eclectic tastes in what she likes to read and write. There is no 'one' genre in which she settles for.

God and fate have been big influences in her life. Both have taken her to places she never thought she'd be, both in the physical sense and in the spiritual. She wrote brief stories and snippets of life as it happened to her in her youth, and encouraged by her teachers, continued to write. Blessed with a loving supportive family growing up, she was able to explore her options which at times have been put into use in her stories. The Navy--and fate, afforded her the opportunity to meet her Army, "Annapolis-native" husband and team up with him to parent two beautiful daughters.

Years later, her husband gave her the best birthday present ever--a laptop, a membership to Romance Writers of America and a goal to complete a manuscript for submission by her next birthday. She did it. A few years later, she was blessed with one of those novels, Wanted: One Ghost, as her debut novel.

Believe in Fate!

Welcome, Loni. Please tell us about your current release.
Wanted: One Ghost is based on believing in fate. When the 238-year-old ghost of Kings Mill, Maryland’s founding father, James Addison meets historian, April Branford who is blessed with a unique psychometric gift, she does more than touch history—she accidentally brings him to life. On a time schedule to locate the historical deed to James’ mill site for the man who hired her, April must rely on the help from her family and spirits from James’ past to help him solve the mystery behind his death so he can move on. But after their time together, neither one wants to leave. Only Fate knows where their true destiny lies.

What inspired you to write this book?
I love ghost tours. Having been on a few I began to wonder what the ‘ghosts’ would think of the stories being told about them. I envisioned one standing by and scoffing at the possibility that what was being told had been exaggerated. It gave me the idea for James—a brooding ghost who’s been trapped in his realm in which no one can see or hear him, until April comes along with her gifts.

April’s digital camera came to life and she switched the setting to playback, scrolling through the photos. She’d taken a bevy of pictures, ones of the hanging tree, the colonial storefronts and historical houses, the front and back of the courthouse. She came across the last picture, the one she’d taken right outside, and then it went back to her older photos. Everything was there but the picture of her guide. She gasped and thumbed frantically through the pictures again.

“What’s wrong, April dear?” Her aunt got up from the chair and came over to her, bringing her cup of tea with her.

“It was here…I mean, the picture is here but he isn’t.” The photo showed part of the lamp post she’d had her guide stand in front of. There was a bright, fuzzy ball of light obscuring part of the gaslight. Could it be a possible reflection off the light and her flash? She’d captured him in the frame, she was positive!

Her aunt looked over her arm at the frame revealing the street along with the courthouse. April didn’t like the knowing smile and twinkle to her aunt’s eye. “Oh, he’s there,” she said, peering up from over her tea cup.

“What do you mean?” She was almost afraid to ask.

“You’ve managed to capture what we call residual paranormal energy. See the spot of fuzzy light in the middle of the picture? You’ve captured an image of a paranormal orb. Welcome to the family, April. You’ve seen your first ghost.”

What exciting story are you working on next?
I am actually working on the sequel to Wanted: One Ghost with one of the minor characters, Distilled Spirits. She’s actually a ghost who’s trapped in time in the local historical tavern. Millie Taylor is a fun character to work with.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I think I was about thirteen and there was a Halloween story contest sponsored by the Jaycees. The prize was a $50 Savings Bond, two tickets to their haunted house, and your story in the newspaper.  I entered it and won first prize. It was a very macabre story for someone of my age at the time—almost bizarre, but my teacher loved it and there were others who thought it was good, too.  From that moment I felt like I had found my niche.

Do you write full-time? If so, what's your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?
I like to call myself a domestic goddess—I tend to household/family and anything that comes up. I’ve been blessed to be able to have stayed home to raise my two daughters, but now that they are grown (still living at home while going to college locally though), I hope to have more time to focus on my writing.

A typical day for me lately is getting chores done after everyone’s off to work/college and trying to sit down to write for a couple of hours before lunch. After lunch I get back into the swing of it by writing until the hubby comes home from work.  By five o’clock I try to put things in perspective and have dinner/family time.  I’m trying to treat my writing as my career—dress for success, sit in my office, etc.  It’s the only way I can.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I post pictures of my inspiration for my characters up on my bulletin board. They could be actors, clippings of a model from an advertisement that hits me as an interesting character description. I’m one of those people who try to figure out what the model or image is trying to convey. In high school I used to write those captions under the photos in the yearbook.  My husband has gotten used to seeing Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., Channing Tatum, and various models on my bulletin board. Now he sometimes matches actors/actresses up for possible characters for my books. I would still love to write a character for Sam Elliott.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Most of my teenage life I wanted to be a writer or screenwriter. I wanted to work with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on writing for Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies.

Anything additional you want to share with the readers?
I’m an eclectic writer as well as an eclectic reader. When a story strikes my fancy, it has to be read or told. I love paranormal/fantasy romance but I read and write to suit my feelings at the time. Like listening to music or always eating the same thing—I like a change of pace.

Thank you for having me on your site today. I look forward to hearing from everyone!  Remember, ‘Believe in Fate’!

Thank you, Loni! Readers, remember to leave a comment if you'd like a chance to win the gift certificate.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interview with sci-fi novelist H. Peter Alesso

Sci-fi debut novelist H. Peter Alesso is here today to talk about Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space.

H. Peter will be giving away a $100 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card (winner's choice) to a lucky commentor during the tour. To be entered for a chance to win, use the form below. To increase your chances of winning, visit other tour stops and enter there, too.

As a scientist and author specializing in technology innovation, H. Peter Alesso has over twenty years of research experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). As Engineering Group Leader at LLNL he led a team of computer scientists and engineers in innovative applications across a wide range of supercomputers, workstations, and networks. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. and served in the U.S. Navy on nuclear submarines before completing an M.S. and an advanced Engineering Degree at M.I.T. He has published several software titles and numerous scientific journal and conference articles, and he is the author/co-author of six books.

Welcome, H. Peter. Please tell us about your current release.
As the last star fighter in squadron 111, Midshipman Henry Gallant is on his way from Jupiter to Mars. With the United Planets' fleet on the verge of annihilation, he can expect no help as he passes through the asteroid belt and threatening aliens. With so much uncertainty about the aliens' capabilities and intentions, analyzing the captured computer equipment in Gallant's possession could prove crucial. The fate of Earth could rest on the abilities of Midshipman Henry Gallant. Unfortunately, it is his abilities that have been much in doubt during his tour of duty. In an era of genetic engineering, he is the only Natural (non-genetically enhanced) officer left in the fleet. His classmates and superior officers have all expressed their concern that he will not be up to the demands of the space service. Only bright and attractive junior officer Kelsey Mitchel has shown any sympathy for him. Now as his navigator on the last fighter in squadron 111, her life as well as a good many others, depends of Henry Gallant.

Gallant prepared to press the firing button to launch an antimissile into the center of the damaged saucer, but then he paused. He suddenly realized that he had the opportunity to discover important information about the aliens, if he could get inside the saucer and relay what he found to Captain Caine and GridScape.

“Kelsey, we’ve got to dock with that saucer and board it. Once we’re inside who knows what we'll discover?”

Kelsey grew alarmed, “No, no, no. Henry; is that even possible - in the middle of this chaos?”

“It’s an opportunity we can’t afford to pass up.” He abandoned caution and committed himself to the risky venture. Kelsey stayed silent and motionless for several long seconds. Then any reservations she had faded. She calculated the course to dock, matching the saucer's speed, course, and orientation so that they would be relatively stationary.

"Kelsey, you’ll have to remain with the fighter and use the lasers to cover my spacewalk, but if things go badly, I want you to break off," said Gallant, strapping on his gun. "I don’t know if the ship’s crew will offer any resistance."

"I’ll inform Repulse what you’re attempting. Maybe they can provide covering fire if needed," she said.

“Great idea. I’ll send a video feed from my suit comm pin to our Eagle. You can let Repulse follow my progress and record everything that happens for intelligence analysis.”

With the aftermath of the violent space battle around him, Gallant prepared to spacewalk to the saucer. He sealed his mirrored armored suit and exited the fighter through his overhead hatch. The suit included an oxygen generator pack that maintained an appropriate atmosphere for him to breathe as he traveled in space. He traveled along the surface of the fighter using short bursts of gas to propel him and then released his umbilical line. Using his propulsion jets he propelled himself forward into the darkness. He looked for a way to enter the alien ship.

Gallant maneuvered the jetpack deftly. His suit shielded him from incredible extremes of temperature—up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit on sunlit surfaces and down to 150 degrees below zero on the shady side of the fighter.

Propelling himself forward, he tumbled and then straightened up. By using the communicator to connect to the fighter, he relayed information directly to the ship’s AI. He could also access the ship’s monitoring capability to see how the battle was progressing. Suddenly, the communicator notified him that an alien saucer was approaching. He could see laser shots flash near him. For a moment he couldn't breathe, and then he let his training take over and found the strength to go forward.

What exciting story are you working on next?
Considering a sequel.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
While I have written five technology books over the last decade, this is my first novel.

Do you write full-time? If so, what's your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?
I wait for inspiration before writing.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
Including as much real science description as possible.

Thanks, H. Peter. Happy touring and writing!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Interview with paranormal romance author Arial Burnz

Paranormal romance author Arial Burnz is in the house today. She's doing a virtual book tour for Midnight Conquest – Book 1, and Midnight Captive – Book 2 in her Bonded by Blood, Vampire Chronicles series. 

Arial will be awarding a $15 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card (winner's choice) to a randomly drawn commenter during this tour and her NBtM Tour. Also, at every stop a randomly drawn commenter will be awarded a 5-Star Short Story eBook, Romance Trading Card set & signed Bonded By Blood series post card. To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment below, and to increase your chances of winning, visit other tour stops and leave comments there. 

Arial Burnz has been an avid reader of both paranormal and fantasy fiction for over thirty years. With bedtime stories filled with unicorns, hobbits, dragons and elves, she had no choice but to craft her own tales, penning to life the many magical creatures roaming her mind and dreams. And with a romantic husband who's taught her the meaning of true love, she's helpless to weave romance into her tales. Now she shares them with the world. Arial Burnz lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California, with her husband (a.k.a. her romance novel hero)—who is also a descendent of Clan MacDougal—along with their dog and two cats.

Please tell us about your current release, Midnight Hunt (Book 3).
Driven by the desire to have the true love she's experienced in her dreams, Monika Konrad uses her magical skills to weave a love spell during the waxing of the moon. As if in response, a strangely familiar and handsome Scotsman is looking to settle in their village. But the werewolf stalking Monika has other ideas about who her love interest should be.

Broderick MacDougal is drawn to the powerful witch by a familiar force and he makes the raven-haired wise woman his next pursuit to unravel this mystery of why she reminds him so much of his late wife, Davina. However, there are other supernatural forces surrounding her, exposing Rick to a darker side of this deal he made for immortality...and this enchanting nymph may be his salvation.

Broderick's quest for answers causes a chain of events that starts a witch hunt, dooming both him and Monika to the fiery stake of judgment. And through these trials, they learn the Church has a new ally who is hunting down the members of the Army of Light.

What inspired you to write this book?
This venture into my Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles started over twenty years ago when I wrote Midnight Conquest, Book 1. I created Broderick MacDougal to be completely opposite of any other vampire I’d read about at the time. He loves immortality, is a complete rogue and womanizer, he’s six-foot-three, has flaming red hair and is a Scotsman through and through.

Even today, most vampire stories are contemporary. There are very few set in historical periods. Kate Pearce has her Tudor Vampire Chronicles (Love them!) and a few books here and there have a single story set in the past. Bonded By Blood starts in the early 1500s of Scotland with Books 1 & 2. Each book thereafter is approximately 100 years apart until we reach the 21st Century in Book 6. Makes researching history a pain in the tushie, but makes for an interesting series.

Through the years, when I had to put my writing aside, I had jotted down ideas for other vampire stories. But in 2006 when I took out Midnight Conquest to rework it, Broderick MacDougal (the hero of my novel) told me all those other stories were his and needed to be part of a series.

Midnight Conquest was a romp into the traditions of vampires and their associations with Gypsies and it’s the establishment of the overarching storyline for the series. Broderick travels among the band of Gypsies, to hide his immortality, when he meets Davina, the heroine. He’s a rogue and brute and is absolutely transformed by her and her daughter, Cailin, a toddler. Both of them remind him why he became immortal to begin with—for the sake of family. He sacrificed having his own family to gain immortality (my vampires cannot have children) in order to seek revenge for the slaughter of his brothers and their families.

I’d fallen in love with Cailin as a toddler, so I felt her story needed to be told next, so I inserted Midnight Captive. This story was never part of the original plan, but it allowed me to build the rest of the foundation I was planning for the premise of the entire series. Broderick has his own side story, where I explain my vampire lore in more detail and reveal the prophecy only briefly mentioned in Book 1. During this unveiling, Cailin and James are in their own whirlwind of an adventure with Broderick’s age-old enemy, Angus Campbell. Plus we’ll get to see James and Cailin have their love story.

Jump forward by almost a hundred years (1636), and we’re at the tail end of the witch trials sweeping across Europe in Midnight Hunt. I wanted to add more creatures and lore to my paranormal world, enriching the element of vampires, so this book has werewolves and witches, and explains the reason why vampires and werewolves are enemies.

Since most of your visitors are probably not familiar with the series, I’ll include an excerpt from Book 1, Midnight Conquest. Keep in mind that my vampires can hear the thoughts of others and feel their emotions. Additionally, they have a limited influence on a person’s memories, implanting thoughts and transferring emotions. Davina and Broderick initially meet at the beginning of the book when she is thirteen years old. The Gypsies came to their village and Broderick read her fortune. She quickly developed a girlish crush on him, but his kind image is what she held onto through the years of her abusive marriage, which ended with the death of her husband. Nine years later, after their first meeting, the Gypsies have returned and Davina is now a woman grown. Broderick is once again, reading her palm, while he is seeing images in her mind.

“I see blossom oil in a glass vial.” His smile broadened. “Intimate places are touched by this fragrance,” he whispered as he saw her touch the valley between her breasts, the two sensitive skin patches behind her knees. Broderick opened his eyes and breathed in deep through his nose. “A fragrance I smell coming from you, lass.”
Fire flew to her cheeks and warmth emanated from her.
He settled his eyes upon her square neckline, where she had dabbed her rose oil, to linger before they traveled up to her sapphire eyes. Without releasing her gaze, he dipped the thumb of his free hand into a bowl of oil heated by a candle.
She tried to pull away once more, but he refused to let her go. “For what is the oil used?” Her voice trembled in spite of her efforts to keep it steady.
“The oil makes the lines upon your hand easier to read,” he explained, and he smoothed the warmth over her palm, each stroke of his thumb slow and deliberate.
The sound of Davina’s heartbeat quickened. Broderick sensed a hunger blossom inside her, and her eyes roamed over his neck and shoulders. Those swirling emotions diluted the last remnants of fear and became a mixture of curiosity and desire. Davina struggled to maintain a slow even breath, fighting the urge to pant. She wondered what his body pressed to hers would be like; feeling his weight upon her and hearing him call her name, his voice thick with desire.
Even with his eyes open, his mind flooded with her erotic images, which joined with Broderick’s own recollection of his dream. He could taste her when he examined her mouth; could feel her sliding down his shaft when his eyes traveled over her curvy figure. Seeing the erotic images she entertained in her mind, mimicking the dream, was his undoing.
With a groan, he dashed around the table, and before she could gather her wits, he pulled her to her feet, wrapping her in his embrace and crushing her arms between them. Davina’s hands upon his chest spread warmth over his body. The wild thumping of his heart beneath her palms matched her own heart’s cadence, pounding in his ears. Davina stared up at him with parted lips, full and tempting, begging to be tasted, and his mouth descended upon hers. With a dexterity that surprised him, she dodged him.
Amusement played havoc with his features and he eased the tension of his embrace just enough to allow Davina some breathing room. His voice purred, “Stop? You are ripe and ready, lass. What say we indulge in each other in a more private atmosphere?”
Davina stepped out of his embrace and cracked her hand against his cheek.
“What in—” Broderick’s brow scrunched in confusion, and then smoothed as he tipped his head back and hearty laughter poured out of his mouth, his fists planted on his hips. Oh, I like her!
She stammered back, speechless, and her mouth fumbled with what to say. Before she could begin her insults, Broderick snaked his arms around her again. Davina struggled, pushing her fists against his broad chest still rumbling with his laughter. After much effort she found her tongue. “Let me be, you— you—!”
“Brute?” he supplied, unable to keep from chuckling at her passionate display. “Or am I more appropriately a—”
“An animal! That’s what you are!” She pushed against him with all her might. “Let me—!”
He hadn’t meant for her to fall. He just released her as she wanted and before he could think to snatch her hand, the force of pushing against him landed her right on her bottom.
Davina sat on the ground, dumbfounded, staring up at him. His arms folded across his chest, Broderick smiled down at her for a moment before stretching out a helping hand. Davina refused to take the offered help and rose to her feet unaided, dusting the dirt from her skirts and hands in furious gestures. His continuing flutter of laughter deepened the furrow of her brow.
When she faced him, they stared at each other in silence—his face sparkling with amusement; hers twisted in agitation. The fires of her temper were so easy to stoke, he couldn’t resist teasing her. He nodded toward the offering basket on the table.
She gawked for a moment then gasped. “How dare you ask for contributions when you have done nothing but manhandle me!” Picking up the basket, she threw it at him.
He ducked with ease and chuckled. “Methinks if you had gone with me to more private quarters, you would have been more charitable.”
Fury trembled throughout Davina’s body and he knew she caught his twofold meaning. With a huff, she stormed out of the tent.

Broderick is indeed a cad, but the beauty of this story is how Davina doesn’t give him what he wants when he’s behaving so. What starts out as a quest for information ends up being the chink in Broderick’s armor that he’s built to protect his heart and turn to immortality in the first place. I hope you enjoy his and Davina’s transformation in Midnight Conquest.

What exciting story are you working on next?
Midnight Eclipse is next in line. Here’s the blurb:

Broderick MacDougal follows the familiar yearning of his soul to the captain of a mercantile vessel who is as seductive as a siren at sea–and she is just as deadly. The world of the supernatural opens to Broderick when he is thrown into the midst of an ancient war between shape-shifting pirates.

Born into a race of Norse werewolves, Celina Hunter and her brothers are the seeking the coveted Lunar Eclipse Ring…the deadly mate to the Solar Eclipse Ring. Both divine items created by the Norse Gods have the power to unite or destroy the two werewolf clans. She knows all too well the dangers of trusting anyone other than her two brothers. And yet the survival of her werewolf pack hinges on trusting the strangely familiar Broderick MacDougal, a natural enemy of her kind. Enemy or not, Celina slips under the spell of this vampire’s promises of eternal love, gambling with all she holds dear.

Broderick and Celina are bound by a curse, but having come this far through the centuries, Broderick is not about to risk his chance at having his soul mate for eternity. The price, however, may be more than Celina is willing to pay as there is more at stake than just her immortal soul.

I bring in the Norse pantheon with this book, showing that there are not only other supernatural creatures in the world, but there are other theologies that govern them. I hope to have Book 4 published in the Spring of 2014, but we’ll have to see how things are going with our remodel and the selling of our house. I’ll be taking a break from writing after I’m back from Jimmy Thomas’s Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas (August 7-11, 2013) and focusing on getting our house fixed up to sell or rent. Then we hope to be moved out by Christmas. *crossing fingers* Lots of changes!

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I’ve been penning tales since I was in second grade, but I hadn’t considered myself officially a writer until my twenties, when I started writing full-time and completed Midnight Conquest. At the time, I’d had several newspaper and magazine articles published as well as a few children’s magazine articles.

Do you write full-time? If so, what's your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?
Yes, I am a full-time writer, cover designer and audio book recorder, and I do it all from my home office. At present, my day consists of marketing, marketing, marketing, writing, writing, and audio book recording. LOL Occasionally I’ll design a cover or two for my publisher or do some freelance graphics for authors, either book covers or web images (e.g., blog or website headers, signature blocks, Twitter backgrounds, etc.). I’m usually at the computer at 8 a.m. and I’m in bed somewhere between 12 a.m. and 2 a.m. On rare occasions, I’ll be in bed by 10 or 11 p.m.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
Not sure I really have a quirk. Years ago, I had to have my two-beer buzz to feel motivated to write. Now I have to hunker down and focus because I have too many ideas and I can only write one story at a time. I have something like 24+ stories outlined and ready to be written…no joke. I’ll never want for ideas, that’s for certain. As a certified hypnotherapist, I learned that writer’s block is caused by the conscious mind arguing with the subconscious mind. All our story ideas come from the subconscious, so when we don’t let that run free, it shuts down. Between knowing that and my husband helping me brainstorm all my stories, I don’t ever have to worry about getting writer’s block. Is that a quirk?

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A veterinarian, until I discovered I was no good around needles. Then I wanted to be in the military, which I did (six years in the USAF and a Desert Storm Veteran). I eventually became a software instructor and was paid for about fifteen years to write training manuals, so for almost twenty years now, I’ve been a paid writer. Only as of 2011 have I been paid to write fiction. I also was an editor for two years, but no time for that now. In between, I dabbled in alternative medicines (e.g., herbal remedies, hypnotherapy and Reiki healing), however, that wasn’t paying the bills as much as I enjoyed it. All that experience, though, helps me be able craft realistic characters and I have the skills to self-publish my novels with little to no money, so I’m in a great place. I now have my dream job.

Anything additional you want to share with the readers?
Over twenty years ago, I chose the name MacDougal for my main character. At the time, I had been married to my first husband and living in Europe. My now-husband and love of my life encouraged me to get my writing back out, and it turns out his family are actually descendants of Clan MacDougal. Meant to be? I think so!!

Also, thank you so much for having me here today! I’m available for any questions and if you leave a question for Broderick or even Angus Campbell, they’ve been known to make appearances on blogs. Warning: They’re both real rogues!!

Thanks for the warning, Arial. Readers, don't forget to comment for a chance at the giveaways!