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Interview with author Evi Rhodes

Today’s welcome goes out to novelist Evi Rhodes who is with me to chat about her new paranormal romance, Wicked Night, book 1 in A Warrior’s Promise Series.

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Evi Rhodes has always had a passion for writing and likes to spend as much time as possible hanging out with the array of rescue animals on her farm in Ontario, sipping on a cup of coffee and typing on her laptop.

In addition to getting her degree in business as well as competing in her favourite equestrian sport, dressage, she is an entrepreneur, and has coached many of a riding enthusiast, but she has always found herself coming back to wanting to write full-time.

“I just want to be me and to be authentic. To tell a story that others can immerse themselves in and enjoy is what I have always wanted.”

Welcome, Evie. Please tell us a little bit about Wicked Night.
Follow the journey of a strong, independent, yet caring woman as she navigates the supernatural world she is thrust into. Gwen steps out of a dysfunctional family life and into a world filled with danger she never realized lives at every turn, fiery passion, and a love that is ever binding. How will she handle her strange new surroundings as well as the man with the intense and overbearing personality who threatens to destroy the emotional barriers around her heart?

Wicked, the next in line to become the vampire king, is caught off guard when he grudgingly agrees to take on a charge, something he never wanted to do. He is unsure how to handle the fierce and vibrant woman with the unsettling green eyes. It doesn't take long for them to clash, but will it end passionately or burn down around them?

What inspired you to write this book?
I’ve always loved to write and had jotted down notes for this novel long ago. I really wanted to write a story that pulled the reader in and gave them characters they could root for as well as had a little of everything that I love in a novel. I also like to touch on serious topics and people’s stories that I felt were worthwhile in sharing in part or whole. I am truly inspired by the world around us as well as picturing what the world would be like if those from the paranormal walked among us out in the open.

Excerpt from Wicked Night:
He slowly turned around and there she was, the one thing in his life that made him smile, and he pulled her forward so she could stand between his legs. She hugged him tightly to her as he held on to her small body.
“I love you,” she said over and over again into the side of his neck as she ran little kisses up and down his skin.
            His big body started to shake and he gave in and did something he hadn’t done in a very long time: he cried. He was hanging on to her for dear life as the sobs racked his body and still she just kept repeating how much she loved him, and she was there for him. As small as she was, physically, in comparison to him, in this moment she was the strong one; she was his rock. He needed her, he needed to wipe away what happened tonight; he needed to bury himself into her warmth and have her wash away the darkness with the strength of who she was and who they were to each other.
            He looked up into her eyes and he saw only love. There was no pity. There was no sadness or disgust at how weak he was being, there was only love for him and a strength of character that spoke of her virtuous nature. He took her face in his hands and crushed his lips to hers and she moaned in response, allowing him to completely dominate her as he ran his hands up her body and explored her mouth with his tongue. He broke away from the kiss only long enough to make sure the door was locked.

What exciting story are you working on next?
The second book in the series, Unusual Night, is already published but I am currently working on book three, Orion’s Night which is almost complete. It is a deeper look into Orion and his life; he is and interesting character in the continuing story of Gwen and her journey. Although this book will predominantly be about Orion it will also give us an outside perspective into Gwen’s life and the ongoing turmoil around the mansion. A different and unique way to view our heroine and those that surround her.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I’m honestly still in shock that my work is in print, maybe when the surreal wears off I will feel like I’m a writer.

Do you write full-time?
No, unfortunately, I don’t write full time, but would love to. I actually own my own small business, as well as I’m currently working in an office as an administrative assistant. I tend to write late into the evening and on weekends for the most part. It is hard juggling everything, but I make sure that I sit down at the computer every day for at least a half-hour even if it is just to look over something that I have already written. I feel that it’s important to stay active with my work even when I’m crazy busy; not only does it keep me in touch with my characters, but many times it is what calms my mind and allows me to unwind.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I’m not sure if this is quirky, but I cannot write a single page unless I have a coffee in hand and my writing table set-up the exact same way every time. I also love to listen to music when I write and whenever I have a fight scene or a romantic scene etc… there are certain songs I absolutely must listen to, they just get the right creative juices flowing.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
As a small child I had two dreams the first was to become a veterinarian because I absolutely love animals and wanted to be able to help them all; unfortunately my scientific academic acumen was not where it needed to be for this particular dream. The second was to become an Olympian in the equestrian sport I ride in. Not once did I dream that one day I would become a writer, in fact as a child I had enormous trouble learning to read and write. I was held back in class after testing proved I was comprehending at a level at least two grades behind my classmates. I was diagnosed as dyslexic and proven to have a short-term memory issue. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the persistence of my parents to make sure that I got caught up by sitting and studying with me every night to learn how to properly read, write, and spell, I’m not sure I would’ve ever found my love for writing.

I was asked the other day if I thought my time riding and competing with horses had taught me any life lessons.

I can say without a doubt that, yes, they most certainly did. Not only did the horses teach me about responsibility, but they taught me respect, how to listen and speak without using words as well as how to put another’s needs before my own. When you get into horses the very first thing you learn is that you don’t eat until your horse does, you don’t drink until your horse does, you don’t rest until your horse has been brushed, their stall has been cleaned and your tack has been put away. They are your number one focus and what they need comes above everything else. Also I have to say horses are a great judge of character, best way to know if you have a good girlfriend or boyfriend is to bring them around your horse, they will tell you quick enough if you should say adios. My stallion always put a boyfriend through the acceptance test more thoroughly than any parent, friend or sibling would and the only one that truly passed, I’m now married to.


Thanks for joining me today! All the best with your writing.

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Evi Rhodes said...

Hi there Lisa, I just wanted to say a big thank you for hosting my book :) Have a great day everyone!

James Robert said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your terrific book with us. I enjoyed reading about it.

Bernie Wallace said...

Would you like to see your book turned into a book or movie?

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Sounds like a great book.

Evi Rhodes said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments, I hope you enjoy the book if you choose to read it and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at
Hi Bernie, I think you meant TV show or Movie? I think TV show then people get to enjoy it longer and important parts don't get cut just to make things shorter for the limited screen amount of time. With this being a series there is a lot more yet to the story :)