Thursday, November 29, 2018

Interview with thriller author C.B. Samet

Novelist CB Samet joins me today to chat about her new thriller, Gray Horizon.

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Christina is a practicing physician, mother of two boys and a terrier, and wife to a caring and supportive husband.

“I grew up reading Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and the Bourne books. I write seeking to create that level of action and intrigue but with female heroines. I love the quote, ‘She needed a hero. So she became one.’ My novels have empowered women overcoming powerful obstacles and the strong men who support them.”

Welcome, CB. Please share a little bit about your current release.
Sworn enemies. A stolen nuclear weapon. And the clock’s ticking.

When Dr. Lillian Whyte learns a nuclear weapon is on the loose in Europe, she collides with a ruthless mercenary from her past. Isolated from her husband, a former CIA operative, Lillian tries to covertly help track the weapon. As she joins the race to stop the bomb, she is drawn into a deadly game of chase. Despite her efforts, those intent on global catastrophe remain one step ahead of her.

As Lillian faces the fears of her past and deadliness of the present, can she secure the future of the world?

What inspired you to write this book?
I began the Dr. Whyte series seeking to create the thriller and action of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and Dan Brown but with strong female lead characters. I love the quote, “She needed a hero, so she became one.” The main character, Lillian Whyte, is a tough and quick-witted ER physician who doesn’t back down from a threat. Each book is a stand alone the way the many Jack Reacher novels are.

Excerpt from Gray Horizon:
Ivan’s eyes roamed up and down her, appraising her fight stance.
Lillian’s heart beat wildly with fear and anger. How many times had she sparred with Sean and imagined she was fighting Ivan? Defeating Ivan. She had wanted her own retribution. He had killed soldiers, kidnapped her, and then hunted her. She had imagined showing him she was no longer afraid. She wasn’t the same woman who had cowered before him in Kenya. Now, face-to-face with his frightening physique she had to summon every ounce of her resolve to not cower.
Who was she kidding? She was no match for him.

What exciting story are you working on next?
I have another series in the works—The Rider Files—with books 1 through 3 out and book 4 in the writing phase.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I’ve been writing since high school, but I would say I didn’t consider myself a “writer” until I published my third book. Perhaps that is some form of ‘imposter syndrome,’ but it took years to embrace my passion and call myself a writer even after book releases and book sales.

Do you write full-time? If so, what's your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?
I write part time—mornings, evenings, weekends, and plane rides.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
Despite all the technology at my disposal (iPad, iPhone, MAC), I usually hand write my scenes before transcribing them into the computer. In front of a screen, my mind goes blank, but give me white paper and a pen and it’s game on.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I’d known since the age of thirteen that I wanted to be a doctor. Yet, I also knew I had a creative side I wanted to explore and develop. As such, I was a history major in college while pre-med. To some that may seem bizarre, but a physician and English major once wrote inspiring words about studying something else you enjoy because you will get all of the science and medicine you need in medical school. I feel gaining a background in history helped me understand the human condition before I had to bury myself in molecules and organelles and cadavers.


Thank you for being a guest on my blog!

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

CB SAMET said...

Hi! Thanks so much for hosting me today!
--CB Samet

Bernie Wallace said...

Are any of the characters in the book based off of real people? I hope that your book is a success. Bernie Wallace BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

Victoria Alexander said...

Thanks for sharing the interview!

Rita Wray said...

I liked the excerpt, thank you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!

CB Samet said...

Hi Joseph,
No real people. Events do take place in areas I've traveled. I've been to Paris where part of the story takes place. In another book in the series, Black Gold, the main character does a medical mission to Kenya. I've been to places I describe in the story when I did a medical mission their. In Whyte Knight, much of the book is based in Montreal where I've visited.
Thanks for asking!
--CB Samet

Bernie Wallace said...

Who was your favorite author growing up? Congrats on the release. Bernie Wallace BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

chereepie6719 said...

Did you always want to be a writer? Was it your dream since childhood? Did you write stories when you were a chile?

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Great interview, thanks for sharing. The book sounds great

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