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New interview with novelist Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

A nice welcome back to novelist Kathryn Elizabeth Jones as we chat about her newest novel, The Gift: A Parable of the Key.

A little bit about Kathryn:
Kathryn has been a published writer since 1987. She graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Mass Communication and a minor in Creative Writing. Her studies included work in creative writing, public relations and journalism. In 2012, she opened the doors to Idea Creations Press, a publishing services company that caters to writers and their writing, publishing, and marketing needs.

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Please tell us about your newest release.
The Gift: A Parable of the Key is the last book in the Parable series about Virginia and her struggles to overcome life's challenges. With the help of the five stones, Listening, Trust, Optimism, Tenacity and Constancy, Virginia learns with the help of God all things are possible. Though losing their baby has presented Virginia and her husband, Richard, with the greatest challenge of all - they soon discover that with God's help, they can yet - heal.

What inspired you to write this book?
I knew there was one more story to Virginia's life that needed to be told. In the first book, she loses her job - a difficult struggle to say the least - but not the most difficult struggle on the planet. In book 2, she isn't able to have a child and by the end of the book we see a miracle happening in the life of Virginia. We think all is settled and good, but in life there are always opportunities to stretch - to become something more. The Gift is all about that.

What’s the next writing project?
I am working on a book with a friend of mine entitled, Heaven 24/7. A book of true stories about living heaven on earth. I am also working on book 3 in my mystery series. This book is titled, Hard Boiled, and returns Susan home from her honeymoon only to find that her ex-husband has been killed.

What is your biggest challenge when writing a new book?
Probably the hardest part for me is the mid-section of the book; keeping the tension going, the scenes interesting, connected and engaging. I don't want to lose the writer mid-way through the book.

If your novels require research – please talk about the process. Do you do the research first and then write, while you’re writing, after the novel is complete and you need to fill in the gaps?
Research is a big deal. I usually start my book, and fill in what I learn through research on the way. I find that if I sit down to plan my entire book including all of the research I need for it, I get bogged down and don't want to start writing it. By just getting in there and writing I find that I am able to fill in the gaps that I don't know as I go, by stopping the story and researching what I need for the next scene.

What’s your writing space like? Do you have a particular spot to write where the muse is more active? Please tell us about it.
I do have a writing office - a place I also bring writing clients, however, it's in dire need of some fix-ups. The carpet has been pulled up and the walls need some painting. We are remodeling the kitchen and my office will come next - probably sometime next year when we put in the kitchen floors that will be the same in the office. Until then, I keep the place as neat and clean as possible, and all of my clients know that the office is a work-in-progress.

What authors do you enjoy reading within or outside of your genre?
I enjoy C.S. Lewis and have just come upon Beverly Lewis (she writes Amish fiction). I really don't have an affinity with authors with the last name of Lewis, it's just what's been connecting with me recently. I also enjoy any book that will help me to draw closer to God.

Anything additional you want to share with the readers today?
I appreciate so much the readers who enjoy my work and have told me that they do. I have many who also do book reviews, which I appreciate as well. As an author, you do all you can to connect with readers and want your books to be something that the reader remembers, for all of the good reasons.

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