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Review - Midnight Sin by Michael Tabman

You can read my interview with the author here.

Midnight Sin
Author: Michael Tabman
Rated: Very good (****1/2)
Review by: Lisa Haselton

Rookie officer Gary Hollings gets fast initiation into the nighttime life of a patrol cop along the outskirts of Kansas City.

Working nights takes some getting used to and Hollings fights the urge to sleep as his internal clock takes its time to adjust to the new hours. Mark Thompson, Hollings’ training officer, is aggressive with the people he deals with, but is a solid cop with a lot of experience on the night beat. Hollings does what he’s told and does his best to stay alert, but even alertness doesn’t stop the dark from overpowering the light. Only experience teaches Hollings that keeping a clear conscience is a job in itself.

The author has pulled from his decades of experience in dealing with criminals of all kinds to give the reader an up close and personal look at life on the streets from behind a badge in Midnight Sin. By using omniscient voice, the author gives the reader a glimpse into several characters’ minds, and at the start it’s almost overwhelming, but then the author hits a stride and uses action and details to keep the reader engrossed in the action and the crime solving. The author writes on a dark subject and gives multiple viewpoints of any given situation to keep the reader involved and aware of how there are multiple interpretations to everything. It reads true-to-life, which makes the story all that more compelling.

Michael Tabman joined the FBI after three years as a police officer. During his 24-year FBI career, he investigated crimes ranging from white collar to bank robberies, organized crime, drug trafficking, and money laundering. After retiring, Michael founded and still works at SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC as a security and risk management consultant and public speaker. Learn more at his website,

Midnight Sin is a great read for fans of dark crime fiction and true crime. The gritty realness of the criminals, crimes, and feeling like you’re in the passenger seat of the cop car driving the streets during third shift, leave you wanting to take a shower when the case is resolved. Great book, but the ending left me asking, “what are the odds of that?” Remove the last two paragraphs and it’d be just right.

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Title: Midnight Sin
Author: Michael Tabman
Publisher: Total Recall Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-59095-686-1
Pages: 348
Price: $19.95

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