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Review - Julius Katz and Archie by Dave Zeltserman

Julius Katz and Archie
Author: Dave Zeltserman
Rated: Excellent (*****)

Private Eye Julius Katz is good at solving cases, but he avoids work if at all possible. Archie is eager to learn from his boss, but it’s hard to get any hands-on experience when his boss doesn’t want to do more than raise an eyebrow.

Archie, Julius’ all-around, ever-efficient, and inconspicuous assistant, does his best to nag Julius into producing a steady income, but his efforts, more often than not, are futile. Archie is bursting with the desire to solve crimes as effortlessly as Julius, however he is not at all pleased with the newest case Julius has taken on. Archie thinks Julius has sold his soul for money and a rare bottle of wine. The case has the potential to destroy Julius’ impeccable closure rate which will make future work dry up like the Sahara. With 6 potential suspects and a 1-day deadline to solve the crime, there isn’t any time to sleep.

The author has crafted two main characters that balance each other well. The lazy detective who wants to spend all his time on gourmet dining, betting on the horses, and increasing his already large wine collection is offset with the assistant who is chomping at the bit to learn from his mentor, if only he could get the mentor to work. The story is written with humor, intellect, and a lot of potential guilty parties. Choosing to tell the story from Archie’s point of view allows the reader to work right along with Archie in trying to solve the crime, and it’s hard not to get caught up in Archie’s desire to solve the crime before Julius. The author pulls the reader into the story and doesn’t let him go.

Dave Zeltserman is the author of twelve novels, including Outsourced, Killer, The Caretaker of Lorne Field, Small Crimes, and Blood Crimes. He’s published numerous short stories and a collection of short crime fiction. His writing covers the gamut from charming and light (Julius Katz) to the extreme dark (Pariah). He has something for everyone. Learn more at his website,

Julius Katz and Archie is an excellent, fun, and entertaining read. I thought I’d read it in at least four sittings, but it turned out to be two…and that’s only because I couldn’t keep my eyes open after the first 111 pages. I had to finish the last 19 pages as soon as I woke up the next day to find out whodunnit. It’s very engaging and appropriate for any age.

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Title: Julius Katz and Archie
Author: Dave Zeltserman
Publisher: Top Suspense Books
Format: Kindle and Nook
Pages: 130
Price: $2.99

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