Thursday, January 8, 2009

Review - Personal Notes by Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Margaret "Peggy" Murray Downer lived her life out of the spotlight, but for the family and friends who knew her, she was a grand lady whose story should be shared.

Peggy isn't sure why her granddaughter wants to know about her life, but Peggy isn't about to refuse the request. She struggles with what exactly to talk about, especially since she is in her 90s and admits that her memory isn't what it used to be. She wrote in journals every day of her life and held on to written treasures from loved ones. She loves sharing stories, but knows she'd need at least another 90 years to get all her current stories recorded and organized. She's willing to share her life with whoever is interested.

Orford uses her grandmother's early journals and tape-recorded stories to create a biography of a woman who will forever remain close to her heart. She pulls the reader in immediately with Peggy's voice in the the prologue. The engaging writing feels more like a conversation with friends than a book being read. Peggy's story is told with compassion and love and succeeds in letting a large audience get to know a wonderful human being.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford divides her time between her growing family, her music studio, and her writing. She believes in writing about ordinary people. Manay of her stories include the people who were most important and influential in her life, including her grandmother, the source of Personal Notes.

Personal Notes is a touching glimpse into the past. A great family read filled with real adventures and delicious recipes.

Title: Personal Notes
Author: Emily-Jane Hills Orford
Publisher: Moose Enterprise Book and Theatre Play Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-894650-70-0
Pages: 252
Price: $17.97

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