Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review - Organ of Pain by Brad Ryder

Sometimes you just know you’re right even though everyone, including professionals, say you’re wrong. Or worse, they try to convince you that you it’s all in your mind.

Organ of Pain talks about experiences endured and lessons learned on various topics in a bold and straightforward manner. It includes Brad Ryder’s literally painful, six-year journey from finding someone who could give him an accurate diagnosis for erectile dysfunction to finding an acceptable treatment he could live with.

The book also shares experiences with family, personal, and business relationships; transitioning through several careers, and how one man continued to find the strength to persevere along unpleasant paths.

Other books may be available on the topic of erectile dysfunction; however, none are as direct and heartfelt as Organ of Pain. Ryder puts himself on the page, not to whine about his misfortune, but rather in the hope that someone else may be able to relate to some of the circumstances and take comfort in knowing someone else has been there. Life may not be perfect, but each of us has to come to terms with our circumstances in some manner.

Brad Ryder lives in Keene, New Hampshire, with his wife Joan. Organ of Pain: One Man’s Ordeal with Life, Erectile Dysfunction, and Other Ailments is his first book.

Organ of Pain is not for the faint of heart or squeamish, but I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to feel alone in their personal life struggles, whatever those may be.

Title: Organ of Pain: One Man’s Ordeal with Life, Erectile Dysfunction, and Other Ailments
Author: Brad Ryder
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: 978-1439244616
Pages: 340
Price: $15.99

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