Friday, February 6, 2009

Review - The Courier by James R. Vance

Detective Inspector Massey and Detective Sergeant Turner are long-time friends and partners. They've seen a lot in their careers and need all of their combined experience to unravel the strange coincidences stemming up from a seemingly simple incident.

What starts off as a case of someone mistakenly grabbing the wrong briefcase quickly becomes the catalyst to a large and entwined web of subterfuge. Time is of the essence when the young owner of the stolen briefcase disappears. Each new piece of evidence the police finds, forces them to call for additional support in order to cover all the unexpected directions they get pulled in. They quickly learn to not interpret everything at face value.

Vance's passion for this genre is apparent with his sharp writing and solida attention to detail. His words brush the city landscape onto the page like a roadmap. By using omniscient point of view, he gives the reader insight into the characters that the protagonists don't have, which allows the reader to play investigator right along with the lead characters. Vance balances dialogue with narrative without wasting a word.

Author James R. Vance lives in southwest France. His first published novel, Killer Butterfly, was inspired from his knowledge of London and northern France. The Courier, his second novel, features the same two detectives. His third novel in the trilogy, Animal Instict, will be completed in 2009.

The Courier is a sold, well-paced, engaging crime thriller. It's a highly recommended read for lovers of the genre.

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Title: The Courier
Author: James R. Vance
Publisher: RealTime Publishing
ISBN: 978-81906-806965
Pages: 396
Price: $16.95

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