Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Interview with fantasy author Alexander Fernandez

Today I have an interview with fantasy author Alexander Fernandez. He’s doing a virtual book tour with Goddess Fish Promotions for his newest novel, Tears for a World.

During his tour, he’ll be awarding a $30 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card (winner’s choice) to a lucky winner. To be entered for a chance to win, use the form below. To increase your chances of winning, feel free to visit his other tour stops and enter there, too.

Alexander Fernandez was born in Santa Monica, CA and grew up in Rancho Cucamonga. Currently serving over 20 years in the United States Air Force, he lives with his wife Helem in Rocklin, CA.

Alex has been writing fantasy stories since early childhood for both school and for pleasure. He hopes to make a lasting emotional impact in his readers. He thrives in the exhilaration of creating memorable characters and adventures that become a part of the reader’s life.

Welcome, Alexander. Please tell us about your current release.
Hello Lisa, I really appreciate the time you took to host Tears for a World on your site. I’d also like to thank Goddess Fish Promotions for their support. The story is a fantasy involving sorcery and a mysterious, scorned religious power. There is plenty of drama and action involving one-on-one fights, battles between armies, and a budding romance. Some themes from the novel reflect our daily lives, such as practicing faith or not, or believing if a deity exists at all. In this story, 16 year-old Marisylia Malludar must not only find faith that a goddess exists, but she must also decide if the deity is good or evil. She alone has the capability to release the goddess from prison.

What inspired you to write this book?
My incessant (and sometimes annoying) imagination and need to create were a large part of my inspiration. As a child, I had always written short stories with different genres. However, as I grew older I had always dreamed of writing a full length fantasy novel. That motivation came from Lloyd Alexander, award-winning author of the Chronicles of Prydain.

Excerpt from Tears for a World:
Marisylia nodded, then reached out and touched his shoulder. “Thank you for watching over me, Krahn. You haven’t stopped doing that since the explosion. All those days I wrapped myself in seclusion, but I do realize how much you’ve been here for me.”

Krahn turned toward her on the bench. Unexpected heat rose in Marisylia’s cheeks as their eyes met. Her hand still rested on his shoulder. His arm moved as if to touch her leg, but his hand ended up on his knee. “You’re very welcome,” he said. “But I’m just doing my job, Mari. Security has been my life for many years. With Milick in Three Fingers, I can return to Lenth knowing you are safe.”

Disappointment pressed Marisylia like a weight, pinning her to the bench. Is that what he had been doing all this time, merely performing his job? Did he not care about their effort at a relationship that began in Lenth? Apparently he wanted to return home. She then felt a bit naïve as the warmth returned to her cheeks. Of course Krahn was doing his job, that’s what he had been hired to do. And truthfully, their short time together in the city didn’t warrant a full loving commitment, as if they had been a couple for years.

Still, after everything they had experienced together, she hoped Krahn had developed more affection for her. She certainly had grown to appreciate him, and found his company reassuring.

What exciting story are you working on next?
Writing is funny, because I get excited whether I’m creating one sentence or five pages! Tears for a World is the first book in the Lonely World Trilogy, so right now I am working on the second book in the series, Tears for Love. The cover designer, Angela Rogers, is currently putting together the art and I am going over some edits. There is no release date yet, but hopefully early summer.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I remember when my 5th grade teacher chose to read my cave-exploring adventure story in front of the whole class. I was mortified! However, I felt happy that he liked it as well as the other students. Then in 6th grade, I had déjà vu when the teacher read my monster-fighting Halloween story in front of the class. I felt mortified again, but that happiness returned knowing that some people actually enjoyed my writing. After that was when I took writing more seriously. 

Do you write full-time? If so, what's your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?
Military life and a hectic work schedule make writing difficult. I tend to write in small spurts, and finishing projects takes a long time. However, I always make an effort to have fresh ideas and scenes in my head, even while at work or driving. That way, when I do get to sit down, the writing comes easy and I never struggle with writer’s block or anything like that. The story is always there; I just don’t have the liberty to write for long stretches of time.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
This is kind of embarrassing, but when I really get into a scene, I actually get out of the chair and act it out. I envision myself in the scene, I move around and gesture. It truly helps to capture the moment. I feel the character’s emotion and picture the surroundings. I then hop back into the chair and the writing comes easy.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I actually wanted to be a policeman or firefighter. In high school, I joined the police and fire department Explorers Program where you go to the station and they teach classes or you go on ride-alongs. However, I was a puny kid and am still small as an adult. I had trouble doing some of the activities, such as holding up the jaws-of-life while trying to cut open a car door. I also got queasy learning some of the paramedic stuff. Reality set in and I ended up joining the Air Force as a satellite communications technician.

Anything additional you want to share with the readers?
Keep reading, and pass on your passion to children. Books are such amazing pieces of art. They spur imagination and bring us to places we dream about. In this technology-driven world of smartphones and computer games, I hope many children out there still want to pick up a book and read about Frodo and Sam, Nancy Drew, and my favorite Taran Wanderer.


Thanks, Alexander.

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Nikolina said...

My favorite part of the post is the great interview, thank you for that!

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My favorite part is the wonderful interview~I really enjoy reading about authors in addition to reading their books! That is a fantastic cover! Thank you for the interview and contest!

Alexander Fernandez said...

Good morning Lisa thank you again for your time hosting.

Alexander Fernandez said...

Hello Nikolina and Betty, thanks so much for stopping by. Interviews are fun and hopefully readers can know the authors a bit more. Good luck with the giveaway!

Rita Wray said...

I enjoyed the interview.

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I really enjoyed your interview. I lived in Sacramento for most of my life. Love Rockling. I loved the excerpt. This really sounds like a great book.

Alexander Fernandez said...

Hello Jane. Glad to see a fellow Californian :) Yep, this area is very nice indeed. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week.

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I enjoyed the whole interview along with the excerpt...excellent interview...thank you!

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The beautiful cover is my favorite part of the post.

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I totally agree with the author and quote " Keep reading, and pass on your passion to children. " It's so important to help children develop a love of reading !