Sunday, March 7, 2010

Review of Love Each Day by Gail Bernice Holland

Genre: Inspiration & Personal Growth
Title: Love Each Day
Author: Gail Bernice Holland

Have you ever thought about living a day in such a way that you would want to live it again? Love Each Day is a beautiful reminder that joy and happiness can be found, maybe not every day, but on most days, if we just look for it.

Love Each Day is a compilation of forty distinct and individual stories of people from different walks of life. Each short essay focuses on a particular day in someone’s life that stands out as a day they would like to live again. Whether it was a life-altering event that made the day memorable, or something small and simple like a smile or a handshake when least expected, it is an event the individual treasures.

Author Gail Bernice Holland spent time talking with people as she traveled. She wanted to know what it would take to “Live each day so you would want to live it again.” Her compilation of stories shows there isn’t any one particular universal thing; it is as unique as an individual. She varies the stories in first and third person and it works well.

Gail is an author and award-winning journalist who has worked on newspapers and magazines in Britain and the United States. Holland is known for her books and articles that explore new ways of thinking and acting. She has authored other books including, Forget-Me-Not: A Memoir of Anne Bashkiroff’s Alzheimer’s Crusade.

The variety of the stories in the book make the compilation uplifting and inspiring for just about anyone. Love Each Day is a recommended read. Reviewer: Lisa Haselton, Allbooks Reviews.

Publisher: Modern History Press
ISBN: 978-1-932690-79-8
Pages: 124
Price: $16.95

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