Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Review - Killer Butterfly by James R. Vance

Petra's life is a challenging as any other fifteen-year-old with a dysfunctional family, but the choices she makes as she moves through life cross the lines of acceptable, reasonable, and sane.

Petra Rebovka feels entitled to get whatever she wants whenever she wants it. The rebellious streak she develops in order to gain attention as the middle child of three, increase in intensity as she gets older. She's always seeking something 'more'. Men are a constant disappointment, but she can't live without them. One horrific experience changes her life, and the lives of anyone she encounters, into tabloid headlines.

Vance's obvious passion for the thriller genre is apparent through his succint and descriptive writing that has the readers as involved in the story as the characters. He takes a risk letting the reader in on the antagonist's point of view, but he balances it with logical questions, answers, and assumptions the protagonist uses while working to solve the case. He balances dialogue with narrative without wasting a word.

Author James R. Vance lives in southwest France. He wrote his first crime fiction novel, The Courier, drawing inspiration from his knowledge of London and norther France for the storyline. His second novel, Killer Butterfly, features the same two detectives. His third novel in the series, Animal Instinct, will be completed in 2009.

Killer Butterfly is an engaging thriller told in a unique fashion and a recommended read for lovers of the genre.

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Title: Killer Butterfly
Author: James R. Vance
Publisher:RealTime Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-90680-674-3
Pages: 280

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