Monday, April 28, 2008

Review - West of 16W by Dr. Mark Slomiany

Carrying only what fits in his rucksack, 27-year-old Mark buys a bus pass and travels across America in search of answers to life's questions.

Having just finished a doctorate in biology, Mark knows his parents are proud, yet filled with unspoken expectations about his future. He is confused about his personal life, but also about whether pursuing the profession he is now prepared for, or following his longing to write novels will be more fulfilling. He decides the answers can be found on a solo trip west of NJ and that now is a good time to travel.

Mark Slomiany's passion for Wiliam Carlos William's poetry nd Jack Kerouac's novels are apparent when reading West of 16W. The narrative reads more like poetry than prose with its verboses and descritive sentences. Slomiany's use of first person keeps the reader engaged as if in personal conversation. A novel touted to be for Generation X post 9/11 is applicable to all adults who realize life may not be all about the money.

The author grew up in Rutherford, NJ. He is a graduate of Washington and Lee University and the Medical University of South Carolin. He is an assistant professor at the state's medical university in Charleston. West of 16W is his first novel.

West of 16W is a good read for those interested in some descriptive adventures of travelling America by bus. One must also enjoy re-reading sentences for clarity.

Title: West of 16W
Author: Mark Slomiany
Publiser: Outskirts Press, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4327-0311-0
Pages: 404
Price: $12.95

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