Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4/23/08 - Book Tour Stop for Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is on a Virtual Book Tour this month and she'll be stopping by here on the 23rd!

Her book, The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything!) is an educational and fun read.

Here is a synopsis:

Every tween today faces social issues, questions about their parents’ relationships, gossip and crushes. In response to the crises young girls face today, positive psychologist Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein has written girls, and their moms, The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything!) (Enchanted Self Press, Feb. 2008).

The Truth for young girls is that it’s OK to be unique individuals, have fun and delight in the wisdom of being young. Behind this fictional diary written by a young girl, are psychological messages about happiness for both daughters and mothers.

After reading The Truth it will be a perfect moment to discuss so many timely subjects, such as:
*Challenging behaviors, and issues such as being a victim of teasing, gossiping, the family relocating or parents fighting
*At what point parents should get involved if their child is being teased or not understood
*How technology can affect a tweens social life, and on the other hand how her talents can be nurtured and encouraged during these years
*What are the best ways to stay close to your tween
*The real emotions that girls struggle with, such as feeling not understood or having a serious crush on someone

Dr. Holstein merged her years of expertise as a classroom teacher, school psychologist, case study researcher and psychologist in private practice, and created this charming, wise and topically timely diary written by a girl. There are even discussion questions at the back of the book.

Along the likes of the candor of a Judy Blume book, this fun diary-format paperback gives girls 8-14 years old the knowledge they are not alone, while reminding mothers what it was like to be this critical age. The book is a win-win for girls and their moms, as better communication skills, honesty and fun are encouraged.

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